Who Are The Social Heroes?

The Social Heroes teach business and sales professionals how to humanize their brand by leveraging Social Media to grow and enhance their business in the areas of Prospecting and Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Networking, Gaining Referrals and Building Authority. We look forward to using this site as a way for you to accelerate your Social Media learning curve so you can become a Social Hero too.

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4 Things You Need To Start Doing on Instagram

  Have you jumped into the world of Instagram? Have you found Instagram to be all of the fun with none of the drama of Facebook?  Thousands of people are making the leap to Instagram everyday.   As business people, we need to go where the consumer is.  The consumer has spoken, they like Instagram.  You may […]


Top 10 Online Directories for SEO

by Mike Schmisek We’re often asked online and at our seminars, “What are the online directories to be on?”.  While personally, I believe you should be on every online directory, I understand that you have to start somewhere.  I’ve created a list of the top ten online directories that insurance, and other business professionals, should […]

Targeted Leads

How to Find Unlimited Targeted Leads and Prospects Using Twitter

In this post you will be able to see a recent Webinar the Social Heroes presented on finding unlimited targeted leads using Twitter and then how to convert those leads to prospects. The webinar is Co-hosted by Renee Corwin-Rey and Keith Wainauski.  You will enjoy following along as they demystify Twitter and then show you […]