Who Are The Social Heroes?

The Social Heroes teach business and sales professionals how to humanize their brand by leveraging Social Media to grow and enhance their business in the areas of Prospecting and Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Networking, Gaining Referrals and Building Authority. We look forward to using this site as a way for you to accelerate your Social Media learning curve so you can become a Social Hero too.

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Facebook – Why it’s such a great place to advertise

By Keith Wainauski Why would anyone want to advertise on Facebook?  I thought Facebook was just a place to share photos of what you had for breakfast or making your friends and family members jealous about the great place your staying on your vacation. Cold Hard Facts…. The facts are there are over 1.3 billion […]


WOW! Your Clients while Saving Time & Money

by Mike Schmisek   Have you ever received a card in the mail?  If you’re like many people, receiving a card in the mail is a special experience.  In this day of text messages, rich HTML emails and Facebook interaction; a greeting card means more and more.  I oftentimes go into someone’s home or office […]


To the customer YOU are the brand!

By: Joel McKinnon In a service based industry such as insurance, how you brand your self and your business on the internet in my opinion should be more about who you are, than what you do.  Let that sink in for a moment, and really think about the information you are telling your consumers about you […]


One Thing Can Mean The Difference Between Success and Failure

by Angela Johnson No man is an island.  Two minds are better than one.  Iron sharpens iron.  These are sayings we’ve probably all heard for years, but are they true?  My answer is a resounding YES! By a completely happy accident, I have ended up in what started out as an informal Master Mind group […]


Pillars of a successful agency

By Renee Corwin Rey If your business is anything like mine, having a successful agency depends on two things: Your clients and your staff. They are the two pillars of your business. But those pillars will crumble if they don’t communicate with one another, and they will grow stronger and taller if they open themselves […]