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The Social Heroes teach business and sales professionals how to humanize their brand by leveraging Social Media to grow and enhance their business in the areas of Prospecting and Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Networking, Gaining Referrals and Building Authority. We look forward to using this site as a way for you to accelerate your Social Media learning curve so you can become a Social Hero too.

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Should you post the same content on all your social media channels?

By Nadeem Damani One of the most commonly asked questions we get when we do seminars on using social media effectively is: ‘How can I post my stuff on multiple platforms simultaneously?’ The assumption behind that question is that it will be efficient use of one’s time and that that particular post will create engagement […]


Key to business success? You might be surprised.

Starting out in business is never easy. We are all under constant pressure to grow our business, but we can’t have agency growth without having help. What has been your most important key to business success? You probably think it’s being a great boss, well you might be surprised.   Mine has definitely been staffing. I […]


Facebook – Why it’s such a great place to advertise

By Keith Wainauski Why would anyone want to advertise on Facebook?  I thought Facebook was just a place to share photos of what you had for breakfast or making your friends and family members jealous about the great place your staying on your vacation. Cold Hard Facts…. The facts are there are over 1.3 billion […]


WOW! Your Clients while Saving Time & Money

by Mike Schmisek   Have you ever received a card in the mail?  If you’re like many people, receiving a card in the mail is a special experience.  In this day of text messages, rich HTML emails and Facebook interaction; a greeting card means more and more.  I oftentimes go into someone’s home or office […]