Who Are The Social Heroes?

The Social Heroes teach business and sales professionals how to humanize their brand by leveraging Social Media to grow and enhance their business in the areas of Prospecting and Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Networking, Gaining Referrals and Building Authority. We look forward to using this site as a way for you to accelerate your Social Media learning curve so you can become a Social Hero too.

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Making money on Facebook

You’ve heard other people are doing it. Why aren’t you? Are you looking for ways to make money on Facebook? Have you heard about the entrepreneurs who have made millions on Faceboook? It’s time to learn the secrets. Click the link below to sign up for the Free Webinar to help you earn money on […]

Facebook Videos

Pump Up Your Facebook Page With Video

By Angela Johnson It’s almost summer and everyone is “pumping up” something, getting ready for bathing suit season.  So that’s how I picked this title.  Sorry – I’m in a weight loss competition with agents from all over the country and it’s kind of all I can think about.  I don’t like to lose, and […]


5 Key Things to Start Your Social Strategy

Strategy? Who needs a strategy for social media? Isn’t it all fun and games, posting from time to time: where you are, what you are eating, who you are with? I can post things from my business page from time to time, feature my staff, or talk about our products. Isn’t that enough to get […]

Josh Mackens SEO Podcast

Proven Techniques To Maximize Your Google Search Results

In today’s Social Heroes Podcast you will hear from Google SEO expert Joshua Mackens. He shares proven techniques on how any business can improve their search results on Google search. Google is still the number one search engine on the internet today. As a business owner it’s important when prospects are searching for your business […]

SolidRock Instagram

How to Leverage Instagram to Grow Your Agency

In today’s podcast you get a treat hearing Joel McKinnon interview a good friend and commercial client Denny Trimmer  from Solid Rock Photos. Joel gets Denny to describe how he’s using Instagram to market his photo studio.  It is important to know how to engage your clients and prospects on Instagram as it’s one of the fastest […]